Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Whoosh!! Let a couple of weeks slide by there. Just came off of a four-day talkathon--Mike and Margo came for a visit and we proved that conversation can be non-stop for at least 10 hours a day. Too much fun--we visited Thomasville for the Rose Festival, played with baby goats and bought artisan cheese, went to Saint Marks and the marine research lab, and finally visited the Florida Wild Mammal Association (an animal rehab center) to pick up a half-dozen baby opossums--talking all the while.

Meanwhile, back at the swamp, I finished weaving the painted warp. It's really lovely--the picture doesn't do it justice. I had originally thought about a vest, but I think this is going to be a skirt--and every top I own ought to go with it!

Out front, we finished putting up the fence around the future butterfly garden (so the chickens and peacocks won't tear up the plants. For instant gratification I put in some plants--lantana, Mexican heather, salvia, sunflowers--some herbs and a few tomatoes and peppers and a gardenia. Then we spread out a big bag of mixed seeds for butterfly/hummingbird gardens (over a dozen kinds of seed in one bag). Whatever survives, survives. I'm just hoping for some colorful chaos. All of this was supervised by one of the peacocks--who is the main reason we have the fence.

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